Virtual Retreat 2021

December 3rd - 5th, 2021

Join us on a journey of self-care, self-love, reflection, health + wellness, and financial freedom

Peace + Purpose Dec 2021 - NEW


Rolling Out’s Peace & Purpose Retreat takes place virtually on December 3rd – 5th, 2021. We welcome each of you to join us as we discuss self-care and the need for finding peace and purpose.

It is in peace and purpose that we find our way. It is in the way we navigate a life that means so much to how we feel, what we choose to do, and what we choose to say.

This peace that is our quest and allows us to define the silence inside, that allows us all to know our journey, to be with serenity and grace no matter what we choose to face….MIND, BODY, & SOUL

Peace & Purpose Retreat will feature over 20 engagements for you to explore including emotional stability, financial education, exercise, healthy eating habits, prayer and meditation, and devotional reading. We look forward to having you engage with industry professionals and experts to guide your exploration of self-care. Register today!


Tracks: Mind, Body, & Soul

With the Peace & Purpose Retreat, we are prepared to take this journey at the end of the year to align and hone our vision.  It is planning in this season, the life we choose to explore. It’s a new day, a new reality. It is up to us to explore, to change, our surroundings and circumstances.  It is time to increase our peace and purpose by letting ourselves be introduced to others on this journey.

Three tracks make up the Peace and Purpose Retreat. You will experience yogis, personal trainers, life coaches, health professionals, doctors, spiritual leaders, financial advisors, and beauty experts who all come together to discuss core topics on Mind, Body, and Soul.


Continuous Learning

Financial Education/ Freedom

Emotional Stability

Peace in Conflict–Meditation

Healthy relationships



Career Planning







Meal Planning


Lifestyle Choices

Movement Goals

Health and Fitness

Accountability Partners






Inspirational Practices

Prayer & Meditation

Devotional Reading

Recovery & Discovery

Healing from grief



Art Therapy




 Experience the serenity and tranquility of nature.


The path to having Peace and Purpose in our lives starts with an intentional awareness of our state of mind.

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Peace & Purpose Meditation Coloring Book



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